I’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people through selling real estate.  Below, you’ll find some comments and reviews that past clients have been kind enough to share for your benefit. 

“There are lots and lots of realtors out there. In my honest opinion, most of them just don’t stand out in a good way. They may be overly sales-y, insincere, or just uninformed. Ryan Halset is downright great at what he does! We were new to the Seattle area when we found Ryan. We thought he sounded like a friendly guy from reading a few reviews. Oh boy did we get lucky! Ryan is exremely knowledgeable of the entire area, not just select neighborhoods. It was refreshing to work with someone who we could place great value and trust in his opinions and answers. He is also very knowledgeable about the practical/structural issues in a home, something that not many realtors really understand. The home we ended up purchasing was bank-owned and abandoned with its own set of challenges (septic, roof, plumbing to name a few) which Ryan helped us work through. Ryan’s work ethic and level of effort is something we appreciated so much. He works very hard. Aside from being so skilled at what he does, he is a great person. Ryan is down-to-earth, hilarious, and patient. I am not lying when I say that I would thoroughly enjoy working as Ryan’s assistant in the real estate business. Ryan is a friend of ours for life and we won’t hesitate an instant to call him up if we ever need to buy or sell a property again.”

~ Robyn (Engineer) & Justin W. (Senior Firmware Developer)

“Ryan is an awesome agent. He was knowledgeable about the market, up front and realistic about what my home could and would sell for. He kept in constant contact and and I felt like I could ask him anything. I totally trusted him and his judgment and opinions and advice. It was obvious that Ryan truly cared about me, my home, my next home and he became a trusted friend and expert that I felt completely confident and comfortable with.

I would use him again in a heartbeat! I would also recommend him to anyone buying or selling their home or even thinking of buying or selling. He will give you honest advice in a non-pushy fashion and he truly cares about his client and wants the best for them. I cannot speak more highly of Ryan as an agent, a professional and as a person.”

~ Kelli O. (J. Jill)

“Ryan and his team sold our home in less than 7 days and although it took several months to find our new home Ryan and his team were a pleasure to work with. Always willing to show properties on short notice, whether that was midday, night or weekends.

We felt confident that Ryan was always looking out for our best interest regarding our property search from the right locations, the conditions of the homes to the negotiation to the best sales price. Ryan was present and represented us in each and every part of both sales and we would highly recommend him to family, friends and colleagues looking for a real estate professional.”

~ Emily B. (AT&T)

“We would highly recommend Ryan as an agent.  As first time buyers we found him entirely personable, knowledgeable, and pressure-free as we looked at properties, and his experience clearly showed as he guided us through every step of buying a complex short sale.  Despite being busy (a good sign in an agent) he never rushed, and was always accessible for questions and advice.  He seems to genuinely enjoy what he does, and we felt he really went the extra mile.  We would absolutely work with him again. Thanks Ryan!”

~ Jesse and Serina B. (Microsoft)

“Ryan is very easy to work with. No question was too small. No concern ignored. He managed all parts of our transaction with professionalism and grace. Work with him; he is the best!”

~ Charles & Martha D. (Northwest College)

Ryan Halset is an approachable, resourceful professional. He listened to our needs as sellers, quickly assessed the sale potential, and helped facilitate readying our house for market. Ryan’s advice was clear and supported by facts and he gave us the time we needed to make decisions. He kept us  informed every week of the sale progress and made sure we had contact information for the escrow and title agents. Ryan was always available for questions and clarifications. I respect his work ethic and highly recommend him for any sale.”

~ Doug and Ona N (Whole Foods)

Ryan was outstanding in helping us in our real estate purchase. It took over 2 years for us to find the perfect place. Throughout, Ryan was patient, understanding, accommodating and professional. We went through a couple of tough/unusual offers – Ryan was professional and kept us up to date throughout the entire process. We felt that Ryan and his assistant had our backs and our best interest throughout the 2 years they helped us hunt down the perfect place. We’d highly recommend Ryan to anyone that needs a great real estate agent.

~ Jeremy & Shirline L. (Google & Microsoft)

“10 out of 10. Ryan helped us immensely on a long and complicated sale of our original home through mid-2014 to early 2015. In the meantime, he got us into a new, upgraded home which met all of our needs and more. As both a buying and selling agent he is a skilled negotiator and is very patient. Would recommend!”

~ Mark W. (AT&T)

“Ryan provided super fast service, great pictures and a lovely open house. Very good at keeping me updated and a pleasure to work with. Sale went through without a hitch, Thank You Ryan!”

~ Terry C. (Retired)

“Ryan is the most helpful realtor I’ve ever worked with. He was always available to help us with any questions we had, and selling our house seemed so easy with his great knowledge of real estate. Even though we encountered a couple of obstacles in the process of selling, Ryan was able to quickly sort them out so that we had no delays with the sale. Ryan also helped us buy our home in 2012, which was a great experience as well. I would highly recommend Ryan as a realtor for both buyers and sellers. He is dedicated, loyal, and always wants the best for his clients.”

~ Nick and Becky H. (The Salvation Army)

“Ryan is smart and hard working. He did a great job selling our house to a foreign buyer. He was diligent throughout the process making sure they fulfilled their commitments and ensuring that our interests were well covered.”

Jim H. (Hunts Point, WA)

“Ryan has helped me purchase two properties in a short period. I have found him very easy to work with, He provides me timely information, helps me understand technical vocabulary and is very efficient with all the necessary legalities and formalities associated with real-estate transactions. Thank You Ryan!”

– Naveen G. (Real Estate Investor | Seattle, WA)

“Ryan and his team were a pleasure to work with. He and his team were professional, personable, reliable, prompt and were an excellent resource for any and all questions we had regarding the sale of our existing home and the purchase of our new home. Ryan did an excellent job negotiating to get the best price in the sale and purchase of our homes and I would highly recommend him should you need real estate services.”

– Adam B. (VP of Operations | Woodinville, WA)

Ryan was recommended to us by two friends, and we very happy we listened to them. With the sale of our old house, and the purchase of a new house, Ryan’s expertise and guidance were absolutely invaluable. We ended up receiving a lot more for the house than we hoped for. And despite the state of the  current real estate market, we managed to have the winning offer for a great house in a cute neighborhood for an affordable price. Thank you Ryan!”

~ Vincent and Mona V. (General Electric, Lead Engineer)

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Ryan for several years and are truly proud to be part of his team. Ryan’s knowledge, enthusiasm, ethics and customer-first philosophy, blended with his marketing prowess, have created a solid foundation for his business and strong leadership for his team.

Furthermore, Ryan is a respected associate in the Real Estate industry, whose past clients constantly refer friends and family to him because of his outstanding service and work ethic.”

~ Donna Blaylock (Chicago Title and Escrow)

“Ryan made himself very accessible for questions and showings. He easily convinced the seller to include a few add-ons we had requested. Ryan also went out of his way for us, over 120 miles on the night we closed our deal. The seller had told him they would leave our new keys on the property as we were to move in the next day. Instead of just letting us know where to find the keys, he drove down to the new house around 8pm which was at least 50 or more miles from his home. He picked up our keys and drove them out to us that night. We lived 62 miles from the new place and he didn’t arrive until after 9pm.

When he arrived I told him that he didn’t need to do that. He replied that he understood how important and special buying a first home is and wanted us to have our new keys A.S.A.P. I would recommend him to anybody looking for some genuine old fashioned service. We met an agent and ended up with a friend. Thanks Ryan!!!”

~ Chris and Willow M. (Allied Waste Services)

“Ryan was an amazing agent to work with! He was very prompt, responsive and caring! Even if it was late at night, he would respond to a question or inquiry via text or email. If you have a question and he’s unsure of the answer, he is quick to find the answer and respond in kind. He’s not a ‘pushy salesman’ so you feel comfortable working with him. From the very beginning, he did everything he could to get my children and I into a new home that would suit us well through the years!  Overall, I will always recommend Ryan to my friends who are interested in making a real estate transaction :o)”

~ Rose J. (B/E Aerospace)

“Ryan was extremely professional and personable throughout our home buying process. We purchased a short sale and while it moved quickly compared to most (4 months) it was a long and frustrating process. Ryan was always working for our best interest and gave us practical and wise counsel. For the most part, he referred us to other competent professionals in the course of our home buying ( inspector, etc). I would heartily recommend Ryan’s services to anyone!”

– Adam & Caley M. (Microsoft | Kirkland, WA)

“Ryan is absolutely at the top of his game. As a first-time buyer, I had a lot of worries going in. But Ryan answered questions and offered advice with an expertise that I’m convinced is not at all common. I first met Ryan over a decade ago in high school, and when I saw him online, I opted to work with him immediately. I knew from even back then that he was someone I could trust, and that is ultimately the most important quality of a Realtor.”

– Justin C. (Software Developer | Seattle, WA)

“Ryan was a terrific agent for a first time home buyer like myself.  He was very knowledgeable and experienced, which made him excellent to work with! I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for housing in the area!”

~ Justin L. (Google Software Developer | Kirkland, WA)

“Ryan helped us buy our second house. I would recommend Ryan to anyone looking to buy their first home all the way to their 3rd or 4th. Ryan is very professional as well as a hard worker. Never felt pressured and always felt that Ryan had our best interest in mind. We had a very difficult experience with the other seller so Ryan went above and beyond to make sure the transaction went through. We even recommended Ryan to my sister and brother-in-law.”

~ Tyler H. (ESPN | Shoreline, WA)

“Ryan is a truly wonderful guy and the best agent anyone can ask for.  His knowledge of the business is of the highest and he truly takes care in making sure you and your needs are met.”

~ Stephen B. (Starbucks)

“We had a wonderful experience with Ryan.  He is an excellent broker – thorough, professional, experienced, knowledgeable, diligent, and timely. We will definitely work with him again!”

~ 125 Rental, LLC. (Property Investor | Seattle, WA)

“Ryan has worked diligently and patiently with me in purchasing a condo as an investment/rental property.  I would highly recommend him to anyone considering purchase or sale of a home.”

~ Tashi T. (Property Investor | Shoreline, WA)

“Ryan was extremely helpful, accessible, and knowledgeable when it came time to sell our house.  Even in the tough market we found ourselves in, Ryan was able to steer us in the right direction to sell our house relatively quickly and easily.  We highly recommend Ryan.”

~ Scott E. (Microsoft | Shoreline, WA)

“Ryan is a very nice guy. He is gentle and sincere.  He was willing to go the extra mile in dealing with difficult situations and helped us achieve what we needed.  Since we bought a foreclosed property, there were irregular procedures and paperwork.  He helped us to deal with them patiently and skillfully.  I highly recommend him and will not hesitate to contact him when we have future property needs.”

~ Suzanna and Colin C. (University of Washington | Seattle, WA)

“Ryan did a fantastic job walking us through the purchase of our home.  He was with us every step of the way, at the inspections, at the signing, etc.  He was very willing to share with us honestly and we appreciated his ethical and matter-of-fact demeanor.  He is a great guy and I would trust him through this process again!”

~ Matt and Christina K. (Bothell, WA)

“Ryan was very thorough during the entire process, from looking at homes, neighborhoods, and all my options to the closing process. Did an excellent job closing my home and continued to help coordinate with the seller following the purchase to resolve any issues that came up. Very quick to respond to any questions or concerns, and put in the time and effort necessary to close my short sale. Made me feel as though I was a top priority despite having other clients. I will definitely use him again.”

– B.C. (Bothell, WA)

“Ryan was helpful and energetic from day 1. We looked at several places and had many questions that Ryan answered quickly and thoroughly. He was always on top of the paperwork and other administrative work, he was a key component in helping our house close quickly and he always went the extra mile for all of the little things (he was present at the inspection when we couldn’t be, he personally delivered our escrow check to save 2 days of processing, he diplomatically hurried along the listing agent when they were slowing down, he even got my wife a present for our expectant first-child). Overall Ryan was a pleasure to work with.

Thank you Ryan!”

– Brian & Liz L. (Teachers)

“We have worked with Ryan on both ends of a real estate deal and have been extremely satisfied with his performance. Ryan did a tremendous job marketing our home and taking care of all the little issues that pop-up in accepting an offer. While looking for a new home, Ryan shows extensive knowledge in all of the different types of owners and their procedures. He has helped us work with short sales, bank owned and privately owned homes. Overall we have been very pleased with his performance and enthusiasm to help us get exactly what we wanted!”

– Dusty & Jodie M. (MSI | Bothell, WA)

“Ryan was the best! He put so much work into getting our house sold. He referred us to an interior decorator to help us stage the house; he had professional photos taken of the house; he printed up and mailed out beautiful fliers advertising our house; and he made time for several open houses, even bringing drinks and snacks with him for guests to the open houses. Our home sold quickly and he helped us negotiate a good deal for the sale. But he also went above and beyond the call of duty – we had a baby while trying to sell our home, and while we stayed in the hospital, Ryan checked on our house, watered our plants and even took in our mail and accepted a package!! We really had an outstanding experience and cannot recommend Ryan enough!

– Scott E & Amy G. (Microsoft | Shoreline, WA)

“Ryan was the perfect real estate agent for us. Ryan was friendly, calm, professional, he listened and never pushed or rushed us in our decisions. I am looking forward to working with Ryan the next time we are looking for a house!”

~ Travis & Marcy D. (Microsoft | Issaquah)

“We bought a house in Bellevue with Ryan and it has been a great experience. Ryan is a service oriented Realtor that is quick to respond and provide advice. He was really indispensable in our real-estate transaction. Highly recommended.”

– Denis & Elma B. (Business Owner | Bellevue)

“Best real estate agent I have ever worked with and I would highly recommend him and I plan on working with Ryan again within the next two years.”

– Kelli O. (Bothell, WA)

“Ryan worked tirelessly to sell our house. His marketing abilities resulted in a very well attended open house and an offer within 11 days. We whole heartedly endorse Ryan.”

– Cameron W. (Structural Engineer)

“Prior to finding the house I purchased…Ryan was always willing to look at homes with me, even if it was a late in the day request. I found a bank owned home to purchase so I expected things to be time consuming….and these sellers were slow in responding and constantly holding the processing from moving forward but Ryan was always in contact with them..trying to do all he could to keep them on task..and keep me in the loop on where things stood. He was at the house for the inspection and there off/on when work was being done – again, checking progress for me – and then when it was finally over..he was there when I got the keys. He was there from step one..all the way to completion with an encouraging attitude when things started to get frustrating.”

– Sarah M. (Mountlake Terrace, WA)

“As first-time homebuyers, we were lucky to have Ryan as our agent. From the very beginning, Ryan made sure we were aware of all the things that are needed to navigate through the home-buying process. He was very responsive even when we were out-of-state. Our home home purchase went through without a hitch.”

– Jon & Angela C. (McGraw Hill & Microsoft | Bellevue, WA)

“Ryan is one of the greatest guys I have had the pleasure knowing and working with. Never does his schedule or life come first, he is always thinking of others and doing everything he can to help & make you come first. Ryan is nothing like any other Realtor out there, when you work with Ryan you quickly get the feeling of working with a genuine best-friend. Can’t express how thankful I am to have a guy like Ryan in my life & I know for a fact everyone else that has used Ryan will say the exact same thing. Thank You Ryan!”

~ Cameron L. (Mortgage Consultant | Mill Creek, WA)

“I had a serious need to short-sell my home in this down market. Ryan has earned his position as my Realtor for life. He stayed on top of everything and kept in constant communication with me throughout the entire short-sale process. Even after a burst pipe flooded the house, and threatened to derail all his hard work, he hung in there and kept the process on track; communicating effectively with the bank, the buyers, the insurance company, the contractors and me the entire time until the work was done and the sale was final.”

~Jesse F. (Firefighter | Mill Creek, WA)

“When my wife and I decided that it was the right time to buy our first home, we were hoping to find a Realtor who could guide our first excursion in to the complex world of real estate, Ryan was our man! Any question was answered with clear concise answers and if he wasn’t sure, he did the research and got back to us quickly.  We hope not to move for a long while, but when we do, we will be asking Ryan to help us with our search again!”

~ Matt W. (Music & Gospel Arts Director | Mukilteo, WA)

“Ryan provided a great combination of highly personal attention and professionalism towards not only me, but all the various parties involved in the entire home purchase process. His negotiation and personal/communication skills proved priceless – especially when we encountered a few bumps in the road towards the beginning of the negotiation. He made himself unconditionally available even during non-standard hours for any questions, showcasing potential properties, as well as being present during important document signings. Besides helping me get a great condo for a great price, he’s also just a great guy to talk to and has great values!”

~ Brett L. (Microsoft Software Dev. Engineer | Kirkland, WA)

“Ryan was great to work with. This was my first home purchase and he answered all of my questions patiently and completely. He keep me informed through all aspects of the purchase from start to finish and followed up after the sale as well. I would absolutely recommend his services to others.”

– Joe A. (McClure & Sons | Snohomish, WA)

“Ryan is an agent that I would reccomend to others for many reasons. He was extremely professional and punctual. He also did a very nice job of advertising. He knew how to present our home in our particular area and did so with great ease even though it was not his usual area of expertise.”

– Megan W. (Teacher)

“Ryan has shown the highest level of integrity and professionalism. His knowledge of Real-estate planning, his commitment to education, and his desire to do what is right for all his clients is what makes him stand out in the industry.”

~ Ron G. (Financial Planner | Woodinville, WA)

“My husband and myself really appreciated the professionalism and friendliness of Ryan and other members of his team who helped us find our retirement home in the spring of 2009. To my way of thinking, they went out of their way to accomodate us in looking for the right home. We ended up looking at over 40 homes and I am sure it was taxing on them to do all the running around we did! They were very gracious in meeting our needs and time schedules. Once we found a home, they were very helpful in setting up the inspection and following through with everything that needed to be done. We sincerely appreciated their help. I would recommend Ryan and Boardwalk Real Estate to anyone who is looking for a home in the Seattle area.”

~ Arlene & Barry D. (Retired Salvation Army Officers | Bothell, WA)

“I looked around for an agent to represent me for awhile.  Ryan was always quick to get back to me, and never pushy.  Once I chose to partner with Ryan, he always exuded professional, fast and friendly service.  He made my home buying experience smooth and efficient.”

~ Sara B. (Architectural Designer | Bothell, WA)

“Ryan is very detailed oriented. He will take the time to listen to his clients the first time so there will be no reason to go back for the same item a second time. We have closed many transactions for Ryan and they have all gone very smoothly, as he is always involved.”

~ Charles Johnson (Rainier Title Company)

“Ryan Halset helped my husband and I negotiate the difficult process of getting a short sale on my condo. He recommended a great lawyer and together they walked me through each step of the way. Ryan was very responsive and cheerfully answered any and all the questions I had. He also helped tremendously when I was feeling overwhelmed or disheartened. I highly recommend Ryan and his team at Boardwalk.”

~Vickie B. (Teacher | Edmonds, WA)

“Ryan is an agent who has his own expertise but still respects and employs the ideas of his clients.”

~ Colin & Susanna N. (University of Washington | Shoreline, WA)

“Working with Ryan was awesome. We were pretty aggressive about searching for places on our own, and he worked with us to take us out to every place we wanted to see as soon as possible. When we found the home we ended up buying, he arranged an amazing deal, helped us make sure inspections and paperwork were done well, and provided excellent advice about when to close. He also found us a loan broker that was able to get us a great loan with no mortgage insurance even though we were lacking credit (not bad credit, just no credit).

I’d absolutely recommend working with Ryan if you’re looking to purchase a house. He made the potential nightmare of trying to buy a house feel almost too easy to be true. There were several points during the home buying process where I commented to my wife that this all seemed to be going way too smoothly, but that was just because Ryan made it easy for us to buy our dream home!”

~ Kyle & Connie S. (Microsoft & Bellevue CC | Newcastle, WA)

“Ryan helped us get a foot in the door on a very appealing property, and devised effective strategies for the initial offer and subsequent escalations. Thanks to Ryan, we bought our dream house!”

~ Mark & Lisa W. (AT&T | Lynnwood, WA)

“Ryan was knowledgeable, prompt and enthusiastic throughout the listing and sale of our property. Our situation was a little different from the norm and he was able to work with us to find the best solution. When he showed us the three offers that we received, he made the differences very understandable.”

~ Jim L. (Product Manager @ Redfin | Seattle, WA)

“Provided great local information and was incredible during the closing process!! I will use Ryan when we purchase again.”

~ Robb & Ann S. (Richmond Beach, WA)

“AWESOME! Great person to work with and would absolutely recommend to others. Ryan was a pleasure to work with and helped ease any concerns as a first time homebuyer. He was quite responsive to questions and was accommodating towards any last minute requests.”

~ Thai L. (Amazon | Bothell, WA)

“As first-time home buyers, we wanted to work with a real estate agent with extensive experience, knowledge, patience and above all someone we could trust. Ryan exceeded our expectations on all of these traits. He was extremely patient starting our search with a LARGE geography and looking at many diverse neighborhoods, houses, price-points, etc. Ryan was very responsive to any questions/requests we had (even if it was inconvenient for him). After a 3-4 months of searching we ended up with a BEAUTIFUL house in West Seattle (our preferred neighborhood) without getting into a bidding war or doing pre-inspections. We secured the house at asking price in this very competitive market. I highly recommend Ryan for those looking for a home anywhere in Western Washington – you won’t be disappointed!”

~ Brian and Katie B. (Percension Wealth Advisors & Mondolez International | Seattle, WA)