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Buying a Home? Let’s make sure your offer gets accepted…

Want to know how to present an offer that gets accepted? Having written and received my fair share of offers…there are some things you need to make sure your agent understands in order for your offer to be viewed in the best light possible. As with many things, presentation is key. If you have an agent that disagrees, then there is a real chance that your offer isn’t being viewed in a positive light and may not be taken seriously.

Here are a couple of quick tips to make sure your offer gets accepted:

  • This is a pretty easy one – but you’d be surprised… it better be in writing. I tell my sellers that it’s not actually an offer unless it’s in writing. I don’t consider a verbal offer a serious offer to get anyone excited about.
  • Fill out everything on a purchase and sale contract. I often find missing spots when I receive an offer. To be candid – it’s fine with me, because I’ll fill them in to benefit MY client, and my client’s love me for it. The question is…why isn’t your agent representing you the best way they can?
  • A copy of a Pre-Approval Letter and a copy of your earnest money check. Show the sellers that you can make it to the closing table. Better yet, show the seller the proof of funds (or down payment).
  • Okay, this is one that I was surprised by when I first started in real estate…hardly anyone writes a cover letter to accompany an offer…which I would venture to guess is the largest offer than anyone writes (or receives) in their lifetime.  EVERY offer I write is accompanied by a professional cover letter to help build a rapport with the listing agent and the seller. I want them to understand that I’m a professional and that I’m presenting a serious offer from a serious buyer.
  • Get confirmation that the listing agent received the offer. Perhaps it was sent to the wrong fax number or the 25MB file got rejected by my email server. Make sure it came through rather than getting upset that we haven’t responded for 3 days.
  • A letter from the buyer. Again, if you’re serious about the home, take 20 minutes and tell the sellers why you like it and why you are looking forward to living there (in the house and in the neighborhood). I can assure you that the sellers like it…they probably spent a lot of money and probably invested a lot of time in it. They probably think it’s pretty great and part of them wouldn’t sell the house if they didn’t have to. They want to pass their home on to someone that will love it as much as they have.

These are a few tips that will HELP get your offer accepted, but there are a lot of details that go into writing a purchase and sale agreement that will help you negotiate an accepted offer AND protect your interests throughout the sales process.

If you are looking for a professional to help you purchase your next home, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (425) 483-1010 or via email at Ryan@BoardwalkSeattle.com

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