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Congratulations on Your New Home!

Ryan Halset Real Estate

This was a particularly interesting purchase transaction – one that I will always remember when I look back on my business year in 2010…and I do mean YEAR! We originally wrote up an offer on this short-sale in April, and we officially closed on December 21st. Thankfully, I had a buyer who knew what he wanted and stuck with the process when I’m not sure many would have! I’ll spare the details on the challenges we overcame to reach closing (thanks to many individuals involved), because the important part is that at the end of the day,  the buyer obtained a fantastic deal and secured an amazingly low interest rate. The buyer found a home he truly loved and both patience and persistence paid off!

So – cheers to my buyer for his persistence and congratulations on your new home!

Special thanks to all involved for helping to close this transaction!


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