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A Good Listing Flyer means more potential buyers – here’s how to design one:

I’ve probably seen over 10,000 real estate listing flyers. I’ve probably seen 10 that I thought were well done. Though I’m not personally a design-guy…I have a marketing background, so looking at these types of things always interests me. At first, I liked being the Realtor with the best looking flyer around…now I want everyone to have great flyers because they help highlight (rather than detract) from a property that I’m showing.

As a listing agent, sellers need to understand that they are hiring someone to MARKET their home. Every piece of print-advertising can do 2 things: 1) Bring in a potential buyer that may not have otherwise looked at the home, or 2) Make that potential buyer run to the next property…so a nice listing flyer can make the difference between having a showing and not (and selling your home or not).

So, here are some basics for my colleagues or owners trying to sell their home on their own (FSBO’s):

1) Text: Don’t use more than 2 different types of font. And don’t get carried away writing too much. Keep it short and simple…and leave them wanting more.

2) Color: Don’t use too many colors, and don’t print the flyer on colored paper (you aren’t standing out from other flyers, you’re just drawing attention away from the purpose of the flyer)

3) Space: It’s okay to have some blank space. Don’t get over-anxious if there is some white on the page. You don’t have to fill in every nook and cranny with exclamation points or stars or banners. Your listing flyer has a life-span with readers. Make sure they read the content you want them to read.

4) Contact Information: I shouldn’t have to write this, but you’d be surprised how often I pick up listing flyers with no way to contact the agent. It is also important to include multiple methods of contact (i.e. some people feel most comfortable on the phone, some email, and others text). If they don’t have those items, I won’t bother if I’m on the fence about wanting more information.

5) Photo’s: By far and away – the thing buyers want to see most. Please don’t leave out pictures either. If the house is terrible inside – it is what it is. You’re not going to trick anyone, but part of your marketing should be preparing a home to present well…and that usually means quality photographs.

I’ve included a sample of a successfully designed flyer for you to take a look at below. You can see that I wanted potential buyers to focus on the visually pleasing and clean photos of the home. I give enough information about the home for a buyer to determine if it will fit their needs, and a few sale-points by highlighting the desirable area and uses of the bonus room.  If you’re a seller that is not currently working with an agent (especially one that can give you their marketing plan), then feel free to give me a call at 206-930-7959 or email at Ryan@BoardwalkSeattle.com

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Listing Flyer Example for Real Estate Agent


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