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Top 3 Qualities Homebuyers Want in a Real Estate Agent

I found the points in this article interesting…not so much in what was listed below, but what wasn’t. As a professional real estate agent, I often place different levels of importance on what I think homebuyers expect of me.

The most surprising item that I expected to be on this list that isn’t: I would expect people to want to work with someone that knew what they were doing. You know, understand the process of purchasing a home, pit-falls to look out for, how to write up a contract that protected your interests, how financing (and that process) works. I hear about negative experiences on a weekly basis. In fact, many clients come to me after a failed experience with the “brother-of-a-friend-of-a-cousin” type of agent. Agents wear a lot of hats and it’s difficult to find one who can juggle all of those hats at the same time. Maybe that’s why the average agent only closes 1.5 transactions per year…some people just aren’t cut out for it or don’t have the desire to do it. I understand that I’m not cut out to be an engineer. So I didn’t focus my career path there. But I can remember details about the 50 homes I saw this week with 6 different clients and that house you and I saw 6 months ago and you don’t even remember. Working with someone that has a knack for real estate and knows what they are doing can save you a lot of time and stress in the process of your sale or purchase.

So, here’s the list and you can let me know if you agree…

What do homebuyers want?  Trulia recently had a discussion with a user group on what they look for when hiring a real estate agent. Here’s what they had to say (in order of importance):

1. Honesty and Credibility

Win them over with the truth!
When these buyers talked about honesty and credibility, it often came with stories about past negative experiences with agents. The stories were about agents trying to push them towards a more expensive purchase and a strong dislike for the false sense of urgency they feel agents create when it comes to placing an offer on a house. Buyers have expressed how hard it is to trust anyone in today’s real estate market so it’s even more important for agents to help them feel comfortable.

2. Area Familiarity

Do your neighborhood homework!
These buyers place a high importance on finding an agent who not only sells homes in a specific neighborhood, but also knows that neighborhood well. They want an agent who knows all about the schools, local parks, safety, restaurants and even the secret gems the neighborhood has to offer.

3. Good Follow Through

You say it, you do it.
During the conversation our buyers constantly verbalized their frustration with agents who didn’t do what they said. Email me, call me and send me the things you say you will. It seems like such a small thing to ask for. Do what you say, combine it with some honesty, and you’ll be an agent buyers feel comfortable working with.


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