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VA Loan Fees – Who Pays For What?

VA Loan Fees – Who pays for what?

United States Military Veterans have access to certain benefits including the VA home loan program.  The Veterans Administration (VA) has specific guidelines and requirements which must be met including how much and what fees the veteran can pay. 

The following list provides examples of items that cannot be charged to the veteran as “Itemized fees and charges” Instead, the lender must cover any cost of these items out of the flat fee charged to the veteran which cannot exceed one percent (1%) of the loan amount.

Items the Veteran cannot pay:

*Lender’s appraisals
*Lender’s inspections
*Loan closing or settlement fees
*Document preparation fees
*Preparing loan documents
*Escrow fees
*Interest rate lock in fees

Please check with your escrow officer if you have any questions regarding the fees a Veteran may or may not pay.

If you are looking for a home in the Greater Seattle area or on the Eastside, please give me a call to discuss your options.


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