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When is the Best Time to List Your Home in Seattle?

When is the BEST time to List Your Home in Seattle?

A home we recently put under contract for some clients in a very competitive West Seattle market.

A home we recently put under contract for some clients in a very competitive West Seattle market.

It’s a great question…and the easy answer is when it best aligns with a seller’s goals. But for a moment, let’s throw that out the window and pretend that a seller can choose to list whenever they want. When does a seller have the best opportunity to get the most for their home?

There is a key question we need to ask in order to answer this: when are the most buyers looking to buy? 

This gives sellers an advantage in that buyers are competing against one another and driving prices up. Fear of losing a great home to someone else is a great motivator for buyers…often getting them to make quick offers at (or above) asking price. I would know – I’ve put in offers over asking price on several on homes (and haven’t always won!).

So, when do most sales occur? May and June are big months for closed sales. Take June for example…closed sales in June is 40% higher than the average of the other months.

If we work backwards from there: whether starts to thaw (in many areas) around March. Agents get contacted more for showings starting about that time. This translates into more showings, more offers, more multiple offer situations, and more sales. To close a home in a particular month, a listing really needs to be on the market about 45-60 days beforehand in a best case scenario. Of course there are always buyers out searching (particularly in hot markets like Seattle at the moment), but in a traditional setting, we’re looking at a March-April listing date to catch that first big wave of buyers.

So, take a look at the graph from Zillow below to find out when the best time to list is. Just keep in mind that every house, neighborhood, and market is different!

When to List


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